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Please ask your bank to complete the following on their Bank Letterhead and forward to



P.O. Box 714

Douglas, GA 31534


Office: 912-345-7342

Cell: 618-889-6899

E-mail: taylorauction@hotmail.com

Web site: www.taylorauction.net


Dear Taylor Auction,


This letter is to certify that the [person/company] listed below is a customer with our bank.


Our bank grants an irrevocable guaranteed payment of funds up to $________________

on the account listed below, on properly drawn checks made payable to:


Taylor Auction


These funds will be guaranteed for 15 days or until: _____________________________


Customer Name: _____________________________________________________


Bank Account Number: _____________________________________________________


Auction Site & Date: _____________________________________________________


If you need further information, please contact the undersigned bank representative.


Representative: ______________________________________


Phone: ________________________


E-mail (if available): _______________________________





Mark Taylor

OFFICE: 618-889-6899

P.O. Box 714

Douglas, GA 31534

Website: www.taylorauction.net

Unknown or out-of-state buyers MUST have their bank complete and forward a Bank Letter of Credit or their behalf.

Questions or comments? Call us at:


Bank Letter of Credit

Bank letter of credit for unknown and out-of-state buyers

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